There’s at lot to be said, but in a Nutshell, I love people.

While photography and filmmaking is hardly only about gear but the ability to connect with people, make them feel comfortable and move discretely into the background at given times.

From bank directors, actors and singers to prostitutes in a slum in Mumbai, refugees in Lebanon and coal miners in Vietnam – my field of work, just as me, cannot be put in any drawer. As long as there are people involved, I’m happy.

I’ve worked for clients such as Stories AG, Julius Bär,  Pumpkin Film, Typisch Magazin, Ringier, Blick, Markenfilm, World Economic Forum, Sony Music Switzerland, Raumzuerich GmbH, Fairfactory GmbH, EY Switzerland, Migusto, Migros, Migros Magazin and many more.

I was also teaching people how to film at toxic.fm