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Hasselblad Portrait of Swiss musician Bligg
Jürg Krumm from the Landmann law firm
Jürg Krumm, lawyer
Portrait of Marina Hartman from Ernst and Young Switzerland
Marina Hartmann, EY
Yves Robert-Charrue and Régis Burger, Julius Bär
Swiss actress Anna Schinz photographed in the Studio
Anna Schinz, actress
Black and white portrait of Swedish singer Zara Larsson
Zara Larsson, swedish singer
Roger Federer during the shooting of the Sunrise We advertising
Roger Federer
Marco Chiudinelli, former tennis pro
Marco Chiudinelli, former tennis professional
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Black and white portrait of Swiss singer Baschi
Baschi, singer
Black and white portrait of swiss singer Chris Obasi
Chris Obasi, singer
Head of FIBL Urs Niggli
Urs Niggli, bio pioneer
Portrait of DJ Carol Fernandez on a golden sofa
DJ Carol Fernandez
Black and white portrait of Swiss writer Lukas Bärfuss
Lukas Bärfuss, writer
Black and white Portrait of Valentin Landmann taken with a Hasselblad 500
Valentin Landmann, lawyer
Portrait of Vietnamese writer Gao Tanny
Gào Tanny, Vietnamese writer
Black and white Portrait of advertiser Frank Bodin
Frank Bodin, advertiser
Portrait of Dj Antoine
Dj Antoine
Hasselblad Portrait of Sandy Caracciolo from Truebodyart
Sandy Caracciolo, Truebodyart
Black and white Hasselblad portrait of Swiss writer Eveline Hasler
Eveline Hasler, writer
Black and white portraits from young swiss wrestlers
Portrait of Philipp Fankhauser smoking
Philipp Fankhauser, musician
Portrait of chef Meta Hiltebrand
Meta Hiltebrand, chef
A woman working in Campo bar Zurich
Campo bar, Zurich
woman holding a bouquet of flowers
ateliercartier.ch, advertising
A woman wearing Zuerihorn glasses
Zuerihorn glasses, advertising
Portrait of a young woman for Berufsbildneria advertising
Berufsbildneria, advertising
Max Variete Pave
Max Meier, Variété Pavé
Portrait of Clow Clemens Lüthard from Variete Pave
Clemens Luethard, Variété Pavé
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Portrait of a dirt bike rider taken on Fuji FP 100C
Portrait @ NT Dirt
A woman practicing online yoga in a city
mamimoves.com, advertising
Vintage portrait of a dirtbike rider taken on Fuji FP 100C
portrait on fuji FP-100C film
Turo, an old woman with traditional philippine tattoos
Turo from the Buscalan tribe, Philippines
Portrait of a Vietnamese chef taken with a Hasselblad in Hanoi
chef, Vietnam
A construction worker with shovel in Mumbai India
construction worker, India
Coal miner with black dust in face Cam Pha Vietnam
coal miner, Vietnam
A child in a refugee camp in Lebanon
refugee camp with doctors without borders, Lebanon
children hunting rats in Phnom Penh Cambodia
rat hunters, Cambodia
A child muay thai fighter during a fight in Phuket Thailand
muay thai fighter, Thailand
An hiv patient getting treatment in a temple in Lop Buri Thailand
HIV hospice, Thailand
Vietnamese youngsters making party in a club in Ho Chi Minh City
high life, Vietnam
Cambodian children during school in front of a blackboard
Smiling Gecko school, Cambodia
A Sexworker in the redlight district Kamathipura in India doing her make up
sexworker, India
A Vietnames sexworker waiting for clients at a street in Hanoi
street prostitution, Vietnam
A domina with her client in Zurich Switzerland
with a domina, Switzerland


Mirko Ries portrait

There’s at lot to be said, but in a Nutshell, I love people.

While photography and filmmaking is hardly only about gear but the ability to connect with people, make them feel comfortable and move discretely into the background at given times.

From bank directors, actors and singers to prostitutes in a slum in Mumbai, refugees in Lebanon and coal miners in Vietnam – my field of work, just as me, cannot be put in any drawer. As long as there are people involved, I’m happy.

I’ve worked for clients such as Stories AG, Julius Bär, Pumpkin Film, Typisch Magazin, Ringier, Blick, EY Switzerland, World Economic Forum, Migros, Migros Magazin and many more.

Also I’m teaching people how to film at toxic.fm